A2LA - global proficiency testing and accreditation
Chemical Elements - a periodic table with extra information
The Copper Page - exhaustively cuprous
Engineering Fundamentals - materials, design, processes, conversions, formulas, and math
Geochemistry on the WWW - informaiton and links
Material and Alloy Composition Search - great resource for decoding grades
Steel Grades - simply steel grades
Web Elements - a multilingual periodic table with detailed information
Web Mineral - an excellent mineralogy database
WorldSteel - a great statistical resource

International Organizations

AOAC International
Analytical Laboratory Managers Association
European Committe for Standardization (CEN)
European Optical Society
European Society for Mass Spectrometry
The Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society (TMS)
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation
International Standards Organization (ISO)
International Society for Measurement and Control - ISA
International Society for Optical Engineering
International Federation of Standards Users
Society for Applied Spectroscopy

North American Organizations

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
American Chemical Society
American Institute of Physics
American National Standards Institute
American Society for Mass Spectrometry
American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM
National Academy of Sciences
Optical Society of America
Standards Council of Canada
Canadian Standards Organization

European Organizations

Austrian Chemical Society
British Standards Institute
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Czech Chemical Society
Danish Optical Society
Gesellshaft Deutscher Chemiker
Deutsches Institut fur Normung
Finland Chemical Society
Finnish Standards Association
Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV)
Association Francaise de Normalisation (AFNOR)
German Chemical Society
Hellenic Organization for Standardization
Hungarian Chemical Society
Icelandic Council for Standardization
Irish Institute of Chemistry
National Standards Authority of Ireland
Italian National Standards Body
Societa' Chimica Italiana
Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV)
Netherlands Standardization Institute
Normalisatiekringen Nederland
Norwegian Chemical Society
Norwegian Standards Association
Polish Chemical Society
Instituto Portugues de Qualidade
Sociedade Portuguesa Quimica
Spain (AENOR)
Spanish Chemical Society
Associacion Nacionale de Quimicos de Espana
Swedish Chemical Society
Swedish Standards Institute - SIS Standardiseringen i Sverige (SIS)
New Swiss Chemical Society
Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV)

Other Organizations

Standards Australia
Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Belarus State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology
Brazilian Chemical Society
China Standards Service Net
Columbia (ICONTEC)
Hong Kong Accreditation Service
Israel Chemical Society
Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
Chemical Society of Japan
Japanese Industrial Standards Committe
Korean Chemical Society
Latin American Chemistry Net
Standards and Industrial Research of Malaysia (SIRIM)
Moroco Standards Institute
New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
Standards New Zealand
South African Bureau of Standards
South African Chemical Institute
Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute
Thailand Industrial Standards Institute
Istituto Uruguayo de Normas Tecnicas

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